About Leigh Redding and Nature Euphoria

“There is a feeling that grows from within when you are surrounded by the world that nourishes you, fulfills your heart and at times tries to kill you. The colours projected by the setting sun, reflecting off rock and water, the sound of wind, howling, creatures calling, the smell of moisture that the night air brings; the essence of life. 

Limbs are fatigued, yet satisfaction saturates your body. You lay there as the warmth of the day disappears and the stillness of night settles in, sleep is near, moments turn into memories and then into dreams, one day ends and the next awaits, this is nature euphoria.”

About Leigh Redding

It all started with an idea, a dream, a desire to explore beyond the asphalted road of the normalised. I wanted to travel across country, over mountains and down rivers, I want to paddle “from my backyard to the sea.”   

My name is Leigh Redding from central Victoria, Australia. I work as an outdoor educator and wilderness guide, I am 25 and eager to make my aspirations reality. To make meaningful change in the world and live an exciting and adventurous life. I love surfing, climbing, kayaking, hiking, most other adventurous activities and mainly just spending days and nights outdoors. I want to discover the way different people are living to improve the world, and experience the places they care about most.

My initial idea and what kick started this project was to paddle down the river that flowed past the backyard of my childhood home, down the tributaries and confluences, all that way to the ocean. Paddling from my backyard to the sea is still my dream, and an adventure I will embark on early in 2020, from my backyard to the sea. 

Through planning and dreaming about journeys to come, ‘Nature Euphoria’ was born. Nature Euphoria endeavours to explore and share the wonders of nature, inspiring people to get outside and experience the incredible world around us and by creating connections with nature we gain an appreciation and care for it. 

A major aspect of what I plan to do with nature euphoria is to engage with schools and community groups, facilitating workshops on sustainability, connection with nature and how to make your adventures reality. 

I have set up this website to share my journeys via blog, videos and related content. I also want to create a hub where people can learn about nature, sustainable living and how to adventure! 

This whole process is an adventure in itself and I am greatly looking forward to all the challenges and achievements to come.

I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to all the traditional custodians of these lands.  Aboriginal people have lived and cared for this land for melania and continue to connect with nature and practice culture. I would like to pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging, I would also like to send my respect to all aboriginal people.

About Nature Euphoria

Welcome to Nature Euphoria; my exciting project that combines my passions of nature, sustainability and adventure!  
Nature Euphoria began to sprout a few years back, when I started to think about what I wanted to do with life and who I wanted to be. There was always a part of me that just wanted to explore and travel. 

 Once I graduated from La Trobe university; where I studied a Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education I noticed an ongoing drive to explore and also a growing enjoyment in teaching and sharing experiences. I felt a desire to put more meaning into what I do with my life.
I knew I wanted to spend a large portion of my time traveling and going on incredible adventures; however I also felt like I could use my passions to share experience and lessons with others while encouraging them to venture beyond their backyard or neighbourhoods. 

‘Nature Euphoria’ describes the blissfulness that one experiences when present, connected and engaged with the natural world. I have found this feeling many times from scrambling up a mountain and sitting high above the earth, dropping into a blue and glassy ocean wave, climbing a tree or just wandering through a forest looking at fungi and moss.

I believe Nature Euphoria comes from all types of interaction people have with nature.

I am here to share my euphoric experiences and my journey to discover and deepen my understanding of these connections.

A friend I have already met on this journey believes:

It’s being human and going back to being our wild selves. Being away from our modern comforts and feeling slightly uncomfortable in the elements, but surrendering to it and remembering we are a part of the wilderness. Finding your zen in the wilderness and embracing yourself as being connected to it. Breaking down walls.” –  Sharna, Tasmania.



I was very fortunate growing up by a river where I had unlimited access to nature. A family who took me camping before I could walk and rock climbing not along after my first steps. I am grateful for having an upbringing where I could build a connection to nature. 

Connecting to nature is of such importance and is one aspect I will explore share as part of this project.

Stevensons Falls, Great Otway NP, Victoria.


As I grew, I continued exploring the world and engaging in more adventure activities, from rock climbing, canoeing and camping with my family. I also began surfing, bush walking, ski touring, white water kayaking and rafting, mountain biking and more. All these different activities allowed me to explore different environments and interact with nature in different ways.

Adventure allows a person to interact with an environment in a number of different ways, becoming more intimate and vulnerable. As people interact with nature more deeply their connection also deepens. 

Adventure creates a gateway and dancefloor for both humans and nature to traverse.

Sisters beach, Rock Cape NP, Tasmania


Defined in many different ways, but put simply in one way; sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Following that vain and holding that among many other values close I will demonstrate, learn and share different ways of living sustainable, while still traveling and exploring.
When engaging in a sustainable lifestyle a beautiful byproduct is created; that is the connection to, and a more meaningful process of the basic necessities of life. Growing, finding and cooking food; reusing, upcycling and reducing waste material: traveling and adventuring with minimal to no impact;

A more sustainable lifestyle can be incorporated into all other aspects of life and the process of becoming more sustainable is enjoyable and invigorating.  I look forward to sharing my journey of sustainability! 

Illustration by Brenna Quinlan, a permaculturist and environmentalist who is gardening and drawing a sustainable future

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