New boat!

by Jan 26, 20222 comments

After much contemplation, I have purchased a new boat for my ‘backyard to sea journey’. This beautiful, green Prijon sea kayak will now be the boat that takes me down the Goulburn and Murray rivers on my way to the ocean,  and as you can tell from the photo, I am very excited.

On my first attempt to paddle to the ocean, I paddled a sit-on-top kayak down the Yea River (Kayigai). And at Ghin Ghin, where the Yea River meets the Goulburn (Warring) I swapped to an old fibreglass canoe. This time round, I will still use the sit on top kayak to navigate down the Yea River and at Ghin Ghin, I will swap to my new Sea Kayak that will continue to carry me onwards to the ocean.

With my departure fast approaching, I am now beginning to prepare all my gear and the logistics, and I would like to invite anyone who desires to join me on the journey. If you are interested in paddling with me for a few days or a few weeks, please contact me to figure something out.

The maiden voyage of my new boat was on the Goulburn River, Killingworth west boat ramp to Ghin Ghin Bridge.


  1. Pete Phillips

    Hi Leigh, would love do accompany you through our area on your journey to the sea. There are also others in Shep and Echuca-Moama canoe clubs who’d be interested I’m sure. Email when you expect to be on your way.

    • Leigh Redding

      Thanks, Pete, I’d love for you to join me on the river! I am leaving Yea on the morning of the 25th March. I’ll be in contact with you as I approach.


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