To respect the traditional custodians and this amazing place I only took a few photos and none of the mountain itself; only the ocean, waves and rocks.

Preminghana is a beautiful and sacred aboriginal mountain on the far northwest coast of Tasmania. A raw cliff covered mountain protrudes from the extensive beachy coastline, forming a headland near Marrawah. Fully exposed to two thirds of the worlds southern oceans, Preminghana attracts and is subject to massive ocean swells and weather. The headland hosts amazing waves on either side, with a gnarly reef off the tip (thunder reef) and is surrounded by countless beach breaks.

The land was returned to the traditional custodians in 1995; access to the beach and coast is still allowed however climbing the mountain is prohibited. My first visit to this place had a profound impact on myself. Not only did it have amazing surf, it also possesses a strong spiritual presence and is naturally raw and beautiful.

My next visit to Preminghana was equally as meaningful as the first, I arrived late one afternoon to a lonely coastline and pulsing ocean. I was excited to be by the sea again and keen to surf. I went through my pre-surfing routine; racing into my wetsuit, waxing my board, then running towards the beach. My run slowed to a mindful wander as I climbed the dunes and the shadow of the mountain cast itself over me and the heath covered coast. I was in awe of this place, the pure beauty and spiritual power had once again absorbed into my soul. I verbally paid my respects to the traditional custodians and ancestral spirits before I entered the ocean off the dark boulder covered point and negotiated my way through the beating ocean swells. I felt deeply connected, yet valuable, as I watched thick waves form and tumble towards the shore. As I glided down the occasional wall of salt water, the power beneath my feet and figure of Preminghana in front of me combined into euphoria, without any thoughts clouding my brain, I was present and that moment was all that existed.