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With my paddle journey looming I continue to sort through my belongings and pack the essential items, I also pack the non essentials that I don’t want to leave without; instruments, crafts, and toys fill the little remaining space I have in my boat. 

Having chosen to take a boat that has been with my family longer than I have been alive, I will also continue to follow the value of upcycling and reusing as much as I can, reducing my consumption of unnecessary products. Throughout my journey I will endeavor to reuse, upcycle, repurpose, and rethink everything I need and use, therefore reducing my consumption and reliance upon the system while also minimising my ecological impact.

One of my first main projects that follows this value is the construction of my paddle! Over the last week I have hand carved (with a little assistance from power tools, due to time pressure) a wooden canoe paddle. This paddle is made of Huon pine, a beautiful and unique timber from Tasmania that is protected under world heritage with only two mills in that world still permitted to produce and sell Huon. I chose Huon pine over other timbers as it represents my connection to the Franklin river on which I spent many days over summer, and I believe this meaningful connection justifies the purchase of the wood. I plan to fully hand carve my second paddle from salvage timber I find during my paddle. 

Here is some of the process:

The Pieces of Huon pine I got in Tasmania 

pieces joined

Shapping, with a little help from the electric plane.

Traditional tools 

Making a paddle is easy, all you do is get a piece of wood and remove everything that isn’t a paddle.

My new companion

Now it is time to go paddling!

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  1. john lee

    Very creative Lee, good luck on your Mammoth adventure.


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