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Nature Euphoria seeks to inspire adventure, appreciation, and care for nature and sustainable living.  Follow Leigh’s journey as he explores the world and shares stories about nature, adventure, and sustainability! 



I would like to acknowledge and pay my respect to all the traditional custodians of this country. I would also like to acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded, and to extend my gratitude for your protection of this land.

About Leigh Redding and Nature Euphoria

Leigh is on a journey; born in the rivers and mountains. Meandering through the late Anthropocene and wandering from billabongs to concrete jungles, exploring the amazing planet we call our home; Earth. Leigh is an adventurer, naturalist and environmentalist with the desire to share the amazing places he goes, engage with the incredible people he meets along the way, and spread a message of sustainable living and adventure through connecting to the natural world around us. 

Leigh is an outdoor educator and wilderness guide by trade. He created Nature Euphoria as a means to reach out to communities, share and build ideas of sustainability and a culture of creating experiences which connects us back to the natural world. 

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Southern Island Nature – Rivers

Southern Island Nature – Rivers

Many hours, for many days and into weeks I flowed with the rivers, on the freshest of waters and within the lushest of valleys. Usually in a vessel referred to as a kayak, with friends and sometimes only with the birds and fish around me.

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Southern Island Nature – Introduction

Southern Island Nature – Introduction

The waves surround the island, often reaching every cove and bay, the swells that have grown over thousands of kilometres on a journey two thirds around the earth, whipping up from Antartica into the southern oceans to eventually collide with Tasmania.

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