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During my time exploring this beautiful country, I am constantly exposed to the impacts of our modern human activities, most regularly evident as plastic pollution. I collect rubbish as I float down rivers, often feeling a video game type of satisfaction as I stray from the main flow of the water to capture all the pieces of trash I can find. Unfortunately, when I get home I realise this trash I have collected isn’t treasure, and even though I have diverted this small amount of waste from our waterways and ocean I know it is most likely destined for landfill rather than a recycling facility that our council recycling bin system is designed for.
I want to change this and make a meaningful impact on this issue that is evident throughout our society. I have begun a plastic recycling project!
I am building a series of machines that will shred waste/post-consumer waste plastic, then melt it into new and useful products, such as surfboard fins, bowls, hand planes and hand paddles (for body surfing and kayaking), plant potters and more. I have been guided by the work of Precious Plastics ( check them out, to have a look into the world of meaningful plastic recycling.
Over the last year, I have invested money into and built a shredding machine that munches post-consumer waste into little plastic flakes. I have purchased and made moulds for surfboard fins, hand planes and large bowls that I will soon use to inject molten plastic into in order to create new products. I have also purchased and sourced most of the materials I need to build the injection machine.
With these last few steps coming together I will be processing waste and producing products in the near future, however, to complete the last phases and get this project off the ground I am in need of some support. Please, if you would like to see this project get up and running consider donating!
Over the last year, as a result of COVID, I have not been working much, which means I’ve been able to commit a lot of time to create this precious plastics project, but it also means the savings I have been investing in have been depleted.
Anyone who can chip in a few dollars I will be extremely grateful for your contribution! Anyone who supports my gofund me with $100 or more, I will return my gratitude with a gift.
If you donate:
$100 I will send you a choice of a set of surfboard fins, hand planes or a hexagonal bowl.
$200 you will be able to attend a workshop on how my plastic recycling workshop operates! Including a product, you create using recycled plastic.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my passion for making an impact on the plastic pollution crisis.


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