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When kayaking down a river; sometimes you feel like you are navigating and dancing with the water, other times you feel like just another drop of water. Pencil Pine Creek, near Cradle Mountain.  Photography by John Fredericks.

The water flowing towards the ocean is good to drink from most the rivers on the island and is only tainted in the lower catchments. It is strange when you find a river and notice the water is not pure enough to drink. Having gotten used to drinking from any stream or water source a feeling offence and disappointment grows when you find tainted water, the lack of care for the water course and landscape seems unnatural and a disregard for not only nature but also everyone who relies upon this water. 

Many hours, for many days and into weeks I flowed with the rivers, on the freshest of waters and within the lushest of valleys. Usually in a vessel referred to as a kayak, with friends and sometimes only with the birds and fish around me. Kayaking has taken me to many amazing places, traveling into landscapes via rivers, is a unique pleasure that I am always thankful for. You must learn to move and dance with the water, as its perpetual nature cannot tamed. You become intune with the rhythm of waves and hydraulics, and when the rapids reduce in intensity and releases your mind from the moment, you are free to engage deeply with the magical river valley you find yourself in.   

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  1. Sam

    Great article Leigh, such a beautifully written piece. And the photo is a stunner, it certainly helps paint an image in my head on the journey you were on.

    Keep up the good work mate!


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