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Cradle Mountain and Dove lake. A glacial landscape and upper mountain catchment.

The waves surround the island, often reaching every cove and bay, the swells that have grown over thousands of kilometres on a journey two thirds around the earth, whipping up from Antartica into the southern oceans to eventually collide with Tasmania. As the waves beat the coastline and erode the wild shores of the west coast trees grow tall and old, the forests of the Southwest, the Tarkine, and on the east coast peninsulares are among the most incredible forest I have visited. From the forests and the mountains on which they grow fresh, pure water  trickles and drips into micro cascades, collecting in delicate mountain streams on their way to alpine creeks, expanding and collecting water and transforming into powerful rivers. These rivers flow into and from glacial lakes and down valleys that are still being carved deeper into the landscape. An Island full of the essence of life and nature thriving on this mysterious southern mound of earth. The Rivers, Ocean and Forest of Tasmania are truly amazing.


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