The Headwaters of the journey

by Nov 12, 20210 comments

After an unintended intermission from my backyard to sea journey, I am now preparing to set out again. Paddling from my hometown of Yea to the ocean, meandering down the Yea, Goulburn, and Murray rivers.

From the forested mountain catchment of Toolangi, the Yea river starts as just a trickle, growing as it descends through cool temperate rainforest and tall mountain ash forest on its way to the Goulburn river and beyond.

This little trip to Toolangi, where I visited the headwaters of the Yea River and many beautiful waterfalls and rainforest realms gave me a deep sense of connection to this river again and rejuvenated my desire to paddle down its watercourse to the ocean.

For anyone interested in exploring this amazing forest, check out the Wirrawilla rainforest walk, Tanglefoot loop, and the Kalatha giant tree walk. All these amazing places are found in the Toolangi state forest, which is just a short drive north of Melbourne.


As I prepare to depart on this epic adventure again, keep an eye on this space to watch the journey unfold. 


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