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I am on the eve of finally leaving on my ‘Backyard to the Sea’ journey, where I paddle from my childhood/family home and my current residence since the Covid pandemic, to the ocean! Whilst packing all the essential items I require for the trip, I felt to share and reminisce on the significance of this journey I have chosen.

I grew up by, learnt to swim in and spent lots of my life playing and paddling in the Yea River. Years ago I had the revelation that, like all rivers, the Yea river flows to the sea, Of course, I knew this to be true, I could even name the rivers and many of the towns the water travelled past on its way to the ocean, but I had never followed those water, I had never experienced a walk-about like journey; I had never paddled from my backyard to the sea. This paddle idea was now the focus of many of the thoughts. From the revelation in 2016, I dreamt and created the journey that I speak of now. In March 2020 I set out from Yea and followed the rivers down to Shepparton on the Goulburn River, at this point the world had entered a pandemic and Victoria was going into lockdowns. I returned home. Two years on and lockdowns ended I am recommencing the journey, leaving from Yea, to again follow the waters to the ocean and experience a part of the Murray-Darling Basin, the lifeblood of much of our beautiful country.

After catching covid last week, I postponed the departure of my trip once again (hopefully for the last time). I am recovering from the virus and I have my gear packed as my departure looms. I often ponder to myself;

‘Why am I going on this journey? What is the purpose?’

Deep down my main desire to go on this journey is for the journey itself, I want to leave the day to day behind, I want to experience the natural world and the stories that have been weaved into this land. However there are many reasons I desire to paddle to the ocean, the three main purposes are as follows:

For the journey

To share, and to raise awareness of the importance of our rivers and the environment 

And to, promote my new endeavour of recycling plastic

I will share more about this soon! Watch for the next blog post!

For those interested in the packing process check out this video!!! 

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  1. Kait

    Sending you love, light and no headwinds on your long paddle. Can’t wait to follow along the journey.


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