Victorian Government Backflips on Old Growth Logging Ban

by Mar 5, 20201 comment

Old Growth forest


I am posting today to express my distress in the logging currently happening in the Kalatha valley, Toolangi!

The incredible old growth mountain ash in the central highlands is of huge environmental importance! It is part of the remaining 1% of old growth mountain ash left in Victoria and is the very upper catchment of the Kalatha creek, Yea, and Murrindini Rivers. Dan Andrews promised to cease all old growth logging in Victoria in November 2019, and the fact that old growth logging is continuing, especially in the high mountain catchments is ridiculous! The tallest flowering plants in the world that are being cut down for paper pulp to supply reflex are of much higher importance environmentally in the climate emergency we face and for tourism for the community of Toolangi!


Call Premier Dan Andrews on 03 9651 5000 to register your opposition to old growth logging in Toolangi, they will add you to a register, the more people who call, the more pressure will be put on to the government to do the right thing! also, call the Environment Minister D’Ambrosio’s on 03 96379504.or even better go to Toolangi and stand with protesters.

I have grown up and still live on the banks of the Yea River, I would be devastated to see the mountain ash and rainforest of the upper catchment destroyed for paper with no economic benefit.

Please don’t destroy this amazing old growth mountain ash and rain forest. don’t destroy the Leadbeater possums and friends habitat, don’t degrade our already struggling water catchment and rivers!

We need trees!


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  1. Alana

    Dear Leigh,

    My heart is filled with anguish at this horrific injustice to our beautiful Mountain Ash forests within Victoria. I send you much love and healing strength to yourself and all of those who are standing up to fight against this government sponsored destruction.


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